What Makes a Man Go Crazy for a Woman – How to Become Irresistible to Him!

make a man adore youWhat makes a man go crazy for a woman? That’s one of those questions women are dying to know the answer to. Typically when we meet an interesting man and sparks fly we depend on our inner instinct to guide us. Since we want to ensure we capture his attention, we’re bound to go out of our way to try and impress him. The problem is that we don’t really know what we’re doing. In our over zealous effort to gain his attention, we may actually be turning him off. To avoid that you need to know how to get him to want you like mad. You’ll be surprised to know that the way to do that is actually much simpler than you imagined.

One answer to the question of what makes a man go crazy for a woman is being genuine. Most of us are guilty of the opposite when we’re trying to get a man to want us. We transform into this unrecognizable creature just to gain his attention. That often includes things like changing the way we normally dress, acting in a way that is foreign to us and even embellishing details of our lives. If you’ve been guilty of this, it’s likely backfired on you. When a woman isn’t being herself, a man knows it instantly. He can tell that she’s putting on a show for him and he’ll end the relationship in its tracks. He wants to know and fall in love with the real you so give him that, flaws and all.

i want him to love meWe also usually don’t understand the impact that a fun sense of humor can have on a man’s interest. Men want to smile when they’re with a woman. They want to be with someone who can find the fun in life. Being surrounded by drama all the time and dragging him into that, won’t ensure the two of you have any type of future together other than one apart. If you can put a smile on his face, and make him laugh, you’ll have a direct line to his heart.

Also, being unavailable at times can really amp up his interest. If you throw yourself at a man’s feet he’s bound to step over you and move onto someone who values themselves more. It’s great to let him know you’re interested but you don’t need to clear your entire social calendar to do that. If you can’t always see him, he’ll want you more and more. He wants to pursue you because he absolutely loves the thrill of the romantic chase. Temper the time you spend with him and he’ll be crazy for you in no time flat.

 There’s an insightful video that explains in pointed detail what you can be doing right now to make him crazy for you. Watch the video now and you’ll change your relationship forever.


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What Men Want from a Woman – 3 Must Read Relationship Tips for Women

what men want in a womanAnyone who knows the secret of what men want from a woman holds the key to a long lasting, satisfying relationship. As women we’re always eager to learn more about how the male mind works. We crave insight into what our man finds appealing. When you’re looking for relationship tips for women there are a few that are must read. Understanding what men find irresistible can give you a distinct advantage. It can help you create an unbreakable connection with the man of your choosing.

Three of the most valuable relationship tips for women are:

Always be spontaneous. Men hate monotony. They don’t want to get bored with you. Once that happens it’s so much more work to get him interested again. Knowing what men want from women includes recognizing that you need to keep things fresh. That means surprising him once in a while is an absolute must. Tell him things about you that he never would have guessed. Seduce him in a whole new and inventive way and always keep him guessing about you. If you can do that, he’ll never even glance at another woman because he’ll be so taken by you.

Embrace your own flaws. This is a difficult one for most of us, but it’s necessary if you want a long term relationship. As much as we think men are critical when it comes to our weight or the fact that our hair isn’t perfectly styled, we’re wrong. Men love when a woman has flaws. They love it even more when she accepts and even celebrates those flaws. The quickest way to deflate a man’s interest in you is to point out the things about capture his heart and make him love youyourself that you’d like to change. He doesn’t want to hear those things from you because if he senses that you don’t love yourself, he sees no value in loving you either. Don’t let your lack of self confidence creep into your relationship.

Show him he can trust you. All men need a woman they can trust. He doesn’t want to feel as though everything he’s telling you is being broadcast to your friends. He wants to know that he can confide in you and you’ll never break that confidence. He also has to know that you’re loyal and that you’re not going to break his heart. Prove to him that you are by making your life an open book. Don’t hide important details of your life from him. If an old boyfriend called you today, tell your new boyfriend. Let him see that you’re willing to share everything with him. If you do that he’ll be much more likely to open his heart up to you.

Even though all men are uniquely different, once you know what men want from a woman you can start to understand what your guy needs from you. Being the woman you are has to include being the woman he desires if you want to capture and keep his heart forever.

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